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What is Fascia?

Fascia is the tough connective tissue holding our bodies together. It's a 3D continuous web of elastin and collagen fibres that envelops every structure in the body including our muscles. 'Myo' meaning muscles. It varies in thickness depending on the area of the body. The collagen provides strength, the elastin the elasticity

Normally fluid and pliable with the ability to move without restriction. However restriction in one area can affect every other area, in both the fascia itself and the structures it surrounds. These can develop due to many factors including physical and emotional trauma, poor posture, repetitive strain and scaring.

Fascia, like muscle has the ability to contract and relax playing a major role in mobility and stability of joints.

What happens with MFR?

MFR is applied with a sustained, gentle pressure allowing the fascia to elongate naturally. Tissue becomes softer and more pliable, fascial restrictions are released returning it to its normal resting length.

No oil or wax is used and during the treatment sensations can vary from tingling, tightness, heat, cold and sometimes emotions and old memories may occur. You will be supported and secure during this process.

How can MFR benefit you?

Myofascial release can help if you have any chronic pain condition or injuries too painful for regular massage. It has all the benefits of massage and is really helpful in the release of scar tissue. MFR can be a stand alone treatment or can be mixed with deep tissue massage.

1hr- £45, 1.5hrs - £65

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Photo by Fanny Beckman