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Pregnancy massage

This is a wonderful way of providing nurturing emotional support which is both calming and energising. Experience the relief from back pain, achy hips, and heavy legs amongst the many other benefits to be gained from receiving a massage during pregnancy. 

Both Thai Massage and Swedish Massage are safe and effective throughout all stages of pregnancy, giving you the lasting benefits of stress reduction, relief from aces and pains and deep relaxation.

What can I expect?

The massage is tailored to your unique needs and requirements. Great care is taken with comfort and positioning with you lying on your side fully supported with pillows. The Thai pregnancy massage takes place on a futon with you wearing loose clothes as shown in the above picture, no oils are used. Additional work in seated or semi-reclined is also possible. Swedish pregnancy massage uses safe and neutral oil, with all areas not being massaged covered in soft towels.

Pregnancy massage helps to: 

  •  Relieve muscular discomfort and tension 
  •  Reduce back, hip and sciatic pain
  •  Promotes a better nights sleep 
  •  Manage stress, anxiety, depression & insomnia 
  •  Revitalise energy levels 
  •  Calm both baby and mother 
  •  Reduce swollen ankles 
  •  Manage nausea 

All massages take place in safe and supportive environment to ensure maximum relaxation. The massage can be gentle and soothing right through to using deeper pressure depending on your own individual needs. Massage is a wonderful tool enabling you to feel connected to your body and baby during a time of physical and emotional change.

Swedish pregnancy massage:  1hr - £45,1.5 hrs - £65

Thai pregnancy massage: 1hr - £45, 1.5hrs - £65, 2hrs - £80  (1.5hrs or 2hrs advisable for first Thai massage)

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 Photo by Fanny Beckman