working from home

How are you managing working from home? It’s been a year now and many of us have had to adapt with living spaces becoming temporary offices, some well set up and others less than ideal. Lack of space, sharing working space with other household occupants or family members plus other challenges may have led to working on beds, sofas or having lap tops perched on chairs.

Self Massage Neck and shoulders

A different type of treatment is beginning to emerge since massage therapists weren't able to work during lockdown. Although we have now restrated many people are looking for self-care options for the relief of pain, stress and tension, so along with the multitude of on-line options available it’s now possible to experience the therapeutic benefits of self-massage from the comfort of you own home.

If stress and anxiety have been giving you tension type headaches here are a few ideas for self massage and stretching around the head, neck and shoulder area.

Find somewhere comfy to sit, somewhere peaceful if your able, perhaps some soothing or relaxing music. if your on a chair have both feet on the ground.

Pain free gardening

Springtime and we are in lockdown, judging by how difficult it was to buy seeds at the weekend it seems like a lot of you are making veggie patches. Making use of spare time and space in the garden or allowed exercise at an allorment. Physically and emotionally it’s a fantastic thing to do for yourselves, I’ve been out digging and planting, my lower back would have thanked me if I’d taken notice of the tips below.

Massage to help manage stress, Brighton and Hove

I once overheard a conversation on a train where someone was recommending massage to a friend as she was so stressed, the friends response was how can a massage take away my stress. Very true it can't but it can help manage what you may be experiencing. Many different things can cause stress, physical such as fear of something dangerous to emotional such as worry over your family or job.