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Are you experiencing tension headaches?

A tension headache now renamed tension-type headaches by the International Headache Society is the most Neck stretches common type of primary headache. Tension-type headaches account for nearly 90% of all headaches and approximately 3% of the population has chronic tension-type headaches. Tension-type headache pain is often described as a constant pressure, as if the head were being squeezed in a vice, the pain is frequently bilateral which means it is present on both sides of the head at once. It can affect the front, top, or sides of the head and often spreads down your neck, or seems to come from your neck. Episodic tension-type headaches are defined as tension-type headaches occurring fewer than 15 days a month, chronic tension headaches occur 15 days or more a month for at least 6 months. These headaches may last from 30 minutes to several days.

Posture…do you think you’re slouching too much?

How we sit and stand can make a difference to how we feel. As winter approaches we may find chest opening ourselves huddling in the cold, wind and rain. After a hard day it's easy to slouch in front of the TV, laptop, or hunch over our phones, perhaps slipping into habits that put strain on our body. Our bodies can adapt but these repetitive patterns can eventually lead to tension, chest muscles tighten and those of the upper back over stretch often leading to pain between the shoulder blades, top of the shoulders and neck.

Importance of touch

Importance of touch picHuman touch is the first language we learn as a means of emotional expression. Touch can be of different types, caring, friendly, supportive, encouraging, suggestive, provocative, offensive or dominant. Recently researchers have begun to focus on this subtle kind of wordless communication, whether an exuberant high five, a warm hand on the shoulder or a creepy touch on the arm. Momentary touch can communicate an even wider range of emotion than gestures, expressions, and sometimes words.

Can Massage help during pregnancy?

FannyBeckman small pregnancyMany of us may be familiar with the idea of massage helping us relax, however it’s benefits extend beyond this and massage is safe to receive for just about anyone. This includes during Pregnancy, from the first trimester onwards and even if you are overdue it’s not too late.

So how can massage therapy help?  It’s one of the recommendations The National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) suggests might help to ease back pain in pregnancy. This can include relief of back, shoulder and neck pain or tension due to postural changes that that occur. As your Baby grows there is greater physical strain on the lower back as abdominal muscles get stretched and the curve in your lumbar spine becomes more noticeable.

Healthy Computer tips...

pain in neckSitting for a long time without moving at a desk or computer can lead to posture problems as well lower energy and alertness.  Backs can suffer, slouching forward can contribute to shoulder and neck pain as can multi-tasking with the phone squeezed between your ear and shoulder. Repetitive strain injuries are common and our poor eyes can get strained too, possibly causing headaches.

So how can we help ourselves? Even the small things like stretching at your desk, seated or standing can really make a difference, any interruption in sedentary time is a good move. Breathe slowly, preferably stretching as you breathe out. Don’t force or bounce and if a particular stretch feels uncomfortable please stop. It’s a great time to give your eyes a break from the screen too.

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