Covid 19 Policy

Measures and precautions

Pre-treatment checks

  • I will do a pre-treatment screening within 48 hours of planned treatments. This will cover a symptom check and test information.
  • If I have any symptoms I will defer clients for the relevant period of time and notify anyone I have seen within the previous 48hrs. I'll also get tested.
  • Vulnerable clients – I will risk asses and it I we are both comfortable to proceed with treatment I will try to schedule at the beginning of my working day.
  • Ensure clear instructions have been given to clients on which entrance to use, mask wearing and bringing own water.

PPE - I will wear the required PPE

  • Masks, Visors or googles are mandatory so I will be wearing them.
  • Gloves v. hand washing. Gov guidelines are ‘avoiding skin to skin contact and wearing gloves where it is not crucial to the service’. As gloves may tear with massaging and it will be difficult to avoid contact with other areas of my arms I am choosing to thoroughly wash arms and hands.
  • I will change into a clean set of work clothes on arrival. In addition, change between each client or wear a washable, wipeable apron changed or cleaned between clients.
  • All linens are changed between each client and washed at 60 degrees.
  • Soft furnishings have been removed from BHWC treatment room.

Treatment modifications

  • Currently no 90 minute treatments, only 30 or 60 minutes are on offer.
  • Phone or on-line consultations will be offered for new clients.
  • If more appropriate after care advice offered on-line.
  • It's possible to pay by card (it's not contactless but I can send a payment link which is), BACs or correct amount of cash. If your booking on-line advanced payment options are available, card and pay pal.
  • All in session talking is to be socially distanced as far as possible with good ventilation.

I will be performing thorough cleaning at the beginning and end of each session and between each client.

This includes:

  • Massage couch and wipe clean pillows.
  • Table
  • Sink
  • Light switches
  • Payment terminal
  • Handles
  • Plastic boxes used for client belongings.
  • Waiting area if used.
  • Anything touched by clients

Client arrival

  • This will be though a separate entrance, sanitiser provided on entry to building and in treatment room.
  • Clients unless exempt are required to wear masks at all times. If exempt, please notify me in advance.

NHS QR code is available to scan, I have to display it but it's your choice on scanning it, my regular records already comply with track and trace requirements. The code only relates to clients visiting me and not everyone visiting BHWC. 

The above info is subject to change as guidelines are often amended. Last updated 05/10//20