Covid 19 Policy

Updated 22/02/22

Measures and precautions

So everyone feels comfortable receiving a massage inculing older and vunerable clients I'll still be taking certain measures.

Pre-treatment checks

  • I will do a pre-treatment screening within 48 hours of planned treatments. This will cover a symptom check and test information.
  • I require 5 days between a Covid vaccination or booster shot as a precaution to any side effects or reactions that may occur.

PPE - I'll still be wearing a type 11R mask.

  • I will change into a clean set of work clothes on arrival. In addition, change between each client or wear a washable, wipeable apron changed between clients.
  • All linens are changed between each client and washed at the required temperature
  • Soft furnishings have been removed from BHWC treatment room.

Treatment modifications

  • Consultations forms will be emailed in advance of a first appointmen for new clients. If you unable to fill in I can do at the time of treamtment
  • If more appropriate after care advice offered on-line.
  • It's possible to pay by card, including contactless, BACs or correct amount of cash. If your booking on-line advanced payment options are available, card and pay pal.
  • Both treatment rooms are well ventilated.

I will be performing thorough cleaning at the beginning and end of each session and between each client.

This includes:

  • Massage couch and wipe clean pillows.
  • Table
  • Payment terminal
  • Anything touched by a previous client

Client arrival

  • This will be though a separate entrance, sanitiser provided on entry to building and in treatment room.
  • Unless exempt please still wear a mask for arrival into the building and for when I'm working close to your face.

The above info is subject to change as guidelines are often amended. Last updated 22/02/22