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What is Thai yoga massage?

It is an ancient form of massage originating over 2,500 years ago from Indian yoga traditions. This is a unique and powerful massage, which is relaxing as well as energizing.

How does Thai massage work?

Rhythmic palm and thumb pressure on Energy (Sen) Lines along with applied yoga stretches work to free blocked energy helping increase vitality. Thai massage is a very effective therapy helping both physically and emotionally, it can also be integrated with your existing healthcare if you have any chronic health conditions.  

Thai massage benefits you by:

  •  Relieves muscle and joint stiffness
  •  Relieving sciatica pain
  •  Alleviates back, shoulder & neck pain 
  •  Relieving migraines & headaches 
  •  Helping to manage stress, anxiety, depression & insomnia 
  •  Promoting deep relaxation 

Is it suitable for me?

Nearly everyone can receive Thai massage irrespective of age or flexibility, even during pregnancy. Adaptions with cushions and bolsters can be made for your comfort. Often over time an increase in flexibility can be felt. 

Thai massage takes place on a futon with you wearing loose clothing, no oils are used. It traditionally takes 2 hours but 90 and 60 minute sessions are also available. It would be advisable to have 90 minutes or 2hrs on your first visit.

1hr - £50, 1.5hrs - £70, 2hrs - £85

Book on-line for appointments at BHWC Hove...1hr Thai massage or 1.5hr Thai massage. You can also buy Thai massage Gift vouchers on-line.

Herbal compresses   

Thai Herbal Compresses are a traditional Thai heat treatment that can be used in combination with Thai & Deep tissue massage. Some of herbs in the compress are anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and antioxidant and the warmth eases aches & pains, useful for any areas sensitive to massage. Free to include but please ask for in advance of treatment(not suitable during pregnancy). 

Client comments...

'Such a heavenly massage! Calming, soothing and at the same time energising. In my Thai Yoga Massage session Jane had created a decorative and beautiful ambience with scents to transform the room to a relaxing haven. Jane's expertise touch was sensational and she had a natural intuition and sensitivity to my needs. I loved every second of the refreshing 1.5 hour treatment. I really enjoyed the variation of stretches in which some were playful and opening whereas others I drifted off to sleep. It was bliss. Can't wait for the next one!'...Nicky via Facebook

'The Thai massage was fantastic and a real discovery!'...retreat centre guest.

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Photo by Sophia Adatia