Deep tissue massage

Deep tissue massage Brighton and Hove

Deep tissue massage which incorporates clinical massage techniques is a therapeutic massage effective for relieving pain from muscular tension. It’s helpful in managing chronic pain as well as enabling you to relax.

Deep tissue massage is perfect if you’ve sat for long hours at a computer or ache from overdoing any activity. Pressure is applied with thumbs, forearms and elbows and includes remedial techniques such as trigger point therapy, myofascial release, acupressure and stretches, connecting with the deeper muscles, fascia and other soft tissues of the body. Pressure given will be individual to your own requirements and massage doesn't have to be painful to be effective!

Treatments help physically and mentally and if you have a chronic health condition massage can be beneficial in managing any associated pain and be integrated within your existing healthcare.

Deep tissue massage benefits:

  •  Significantly reducing or getting you out of pain. This includes back, hip, sciatic, shoulder & neck pain.
  •  Relieving muscular & joint stiffness
  •  Reducing the intensity of tension headaches & migraines
  •  Promoting deep relaxation
  •  Helping to manage stress, anxiety, depression & insomnia 
  •  Easing pain & increasing movement of Frozen shoulder
  •  Reducing leg, knee and foot pain inc plantar fasciitis
  •  Relieving Carpal tunnel syndrome and R.S.I

60 mins - £60

90 mins - £85

Easily adapted for children 45mins - £45 (Under 16 with a parent or carer present)

Book on-line for 1hr deep tissue massage or 90 min deep tissue massage. You can also buy Deep tissue massage Gift vouchers on-line. 

Client testimonials...

  • If you want the best massage ever always book with Jane....she is the best!! James Hove.
  • My regular massage sessions have been most effective, my back's aches and pains are now no trouble at all, and I fully intend to continue the vsits to you. Maggie E, Hove

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 Photo by Sophia Adatia