Simple stretches & self care

Neck stretch

Would you like to increase the benefits of your massages?  A few minutes a day stretching between appointments can be really helpful, to watch some easy to follow videos guiding you in a few techniques click on the following: 

You're feeling amazing after your massage, the pain and tension you felt has gone or is reduced, by adding in simple stretches and self massage a few times a week will help with pain management between treatments. 

Lower back & hip pain includes your legs and abdomen as massaging these areas also helps the back, some of the ideas could be used if your back is stiff in the morning and getting out of bed is difficult. Finding a comfortable peaceful space, add your favourite relaxing music, using heat, hot water bottle or heat pad beforehand can also start to relax the tension. 

Neck & shoulder pain, our shoulders really can take the strain and appreciate the extra care. These can be done sitting at your desk, only take a couple of minutes so can be fitted in at any point in during your day. Keeping both feet on the ground for stability helps.

Tension headaches, if stress and anxiety have been leading to tension type headaches here are a few ideas for self massage and stretching around the head, neck and shoulder area. Massage around the base of the skull, the sub occipital muscles is especially relieving.

Hands, wrists and forearms, TLC feels fantastic especially if you have spent too much time on devices or using your mouse has been causing pain. These techniques also help relieve wrist pain and discomfort and finger tingling of Carpal tunnel syndrome 

For all of these, skip or ease the pressure on anything that aggravates your pain and if you have any chronic health conditions that affect your levels of pain please contact me before trying.

Any questions please get in touch.